Training for Fab Managers


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Dates à définir –  6 semaines réparties sur 6 mois

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Training for Fab Managers

Training Goals

Develop your skills to lead a digital creation and manufacturing workshop :

  • Leading a digital creation and manufacturing space and its community
  • Management and maintenance of machines and tools
  • Mediating principles of open innovation (intellectual property and collective projects) and open source
  • Project facilitation


Six weeks of training are spread over 6 months. Each week includes elements on project management, mediation and facilitation.

Week 1 – Computer-aided design
Week 2 – Computer-aided cutting (laser and vinyl)
Week 3 – Design and electronic production of micro-milling machine and microcontroller
Week 4 – 3D-printing and scanning
Week 5 – Molding (thermoformer)
Week 6 – Textile (digital sewing and embroidery machine)


Training supervised by qualified Fab Academy instructors.


– 24 half-days with instructors
– 12 practice days (in presence of instructor)
– 6 free-access days

Practical Information

Venue: Suite 330 at 55 Rue de Louvain Ouest in Montreal, H2N 1A4
Duration: 1 day (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

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