Expert: Design and Improve the User Experience with Data

Training Goals

Explore concepts of user experience (UX) and data (DATA) in the context of digital project development.


“User experience” encompasses a person’s emotions, perceptions and attitudes before, during and after using a product, system or service.
Access to data allows us to increasingly quantify the user experience to better understand the use of our product and to inform our future decisions.
We need to understand how to recover and use data without losing sight of the purpose of the experiment, because, though data can be useful to us, they can also waste our time and money.
This workshop offers participants a user-centered experimental strategy derived from the Lean Data approach.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • About the concept of user experience through data-driven UX ;
  • How to develop an effective A/B testing strategy ;
  • The importance of prototyping ;
  • The importance of analyzing the right data to decrease risk in product development.


  • Case studies
  • Lectures
  • Simulations

Target Audience

  • Decision makers seeking to learn about new trends in user experience design ;
  • Developers seeking to understand the importance of data collection;
  • Experiment designers seeking to discover a technique based on the Lean Data approach ;
  • Marketers who wish to benefit from the wealth of user data


  • The importance of using data to inform our decisions: « Data-driven » vs. « Data informed » design: Prototyping, lab studies, usability research ;
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative data: the statistical importance of using one vs. the other ;
  • Terminology around « data » reality: Big data, design thinking, hypothesis, iteration ;
  • Measuring and quantifying User experience: A/B splitting ;
  • Web analytics in a UX context ;
  • The type of data based on the activity sector and the cycle ;
  • Gamification made possible by data.


Sylvain Ethier

Every day, we interact hundreds, if not thousands, of times with technology. Sylvain Ethier wants these interactions to be as meaningful as possible, so, as an experienced architect, he develops contacts that are supported by 4 fundamental pillars: human psychology, Lean Data principles, technology and social values.

With over than a decade of study in the field of life sciences, and stimulated by a passion for humans and games, Sylvain maximizes the creation of value and innovation by integrating tools from different fields, such as lean data management, user-centered design, psychology and business administration.

In addition to being an experienced architect, he teaches Lean Digital Marketing with a game he co-created. He also contributes to the development of several projects, including a solution to make social impact measurement accessible, as well as a solution to support professional coaches in developing their clients’ performance capacity.

Practical Information

Venue: Suite 330 at 55 Rue de Louvain Ouest in Montreal, H2N 1A4
Duration: 1 day (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)